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Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Let me start this article with a silly idea and then a discussion on social-emotional expansion. The social-emotional expansion is the incorporation of experience, expression, and management of emotions. It also means the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others.

This is silly!

Regardless of status or fame, people are people and they involve in silly and impulsive activities. One such is like Dyadic manoeuvre. Dyadic manoeuvre is an approach to start a relationship. It starts with silent communication, conversation, placing hand on thing, and slowing rubbing inner thigh from adductor longus to femoral triangle. Superficially it is a friendly act, but it sends a disguised message to receiver. Dyadic act is to find person’s interest in or a wish to engage in sexual activity.

Formerly, it starts with communication, latterly getting-connected happens. Simply speaking, personal relationship runs the world.

Initiating discussion.

Why is it that some people seem to build an instant relationship with most anyone they come across, while others are left with a network of one?

This is for lack of Getting-connected or socially involved. People seem to build instant rapport are good in adding value to themselves and then adding value to others. The whole thing is the relationship-centred criterion and based on social-emotional learning all over a lifetime.

In this endeavour, my articles are on present people’s issues of relationship or rapport. In my opinion, yesterday was an experience. Today, what we do is of our attitude, and tomorrow will be an anticipatory future. In the three tenses, I like attitude. While attention and learning become mental muscles, attitude is the expression of knowledge and evaluated experience is an orient-response of the continuance of external stimuli.  

No doubt, the attitude towards knowledge is the greatest educational success but the research statistics show, 6 out of 10 people fail since personality of conflict and 8 out of 10 managers lose their job within 8 months of their new assignment as they cannot maintain harmonious relationship with people or people cannot maintain people’s principal with managers.

 The data establish the interpersonal skills and mutually-based respectful relationship are far more important if we hope to succeed at work.  

In maintaining relationships or rapport, every individual sets principles and boundaries both professionally and personally. The self-discipline embedded principles are formed by one’s educational background, character, diversity, and distinct with dynamic nature. We, as professionals, must observe and respect other people’s principles by their passion and purpose. If we go further, the human nature is as such and can be amplified that how we respond to people, so do they reciprocally.

If we want get to connected and influence people, we must ready to develop productivity and performance rituals unabatedly. The rituals start asking ourselves 6 simple questions.

  1. Are we equipped and organised for getting connected to people? Which means ready for social or professional relationship?
  2. Are we willing to focus, respect and respond other’s principles?
  3. Can we build trust because trust must important with vital components like logic, authenticity and empathy?
  4. Do we possess logic, authenticity and empathy?
  5. Are we willing to spend or invest our time and resources in others?
  6. Can we sacrifice our pride and prejudice to work with others for a win-win situation?

Answers to these questions help us with new thoughts and ideas encouraging us to live meaningfully, to learn and ultimately evolve to become a better person.

Good ideas and interesting thoughts promote prompt and profound truths in the most sophisticated ways. Occasionally, a good quotation may be strong in its message. But that is just for an instant, as we stop in to digest its true sense, we admire it. Then we can fully take in its true perception of spirit and the way it is meant to be expressed so efficiently.


Our brain may be playing a trick on us. The universe is made and filled up of various ratios and patterns. So does the Brain.


We experience some enchanted senses of unknown phenomenon in various ways. We ignore taking them as part of nature and the magical experiences of our brain. If we experience some close-encounter of third kind effects, we think about them for a while, or we may definitely tell our close kinsfolks or friends.

Think for a moment, why our life is so magical beyond the wildest imaginations?

And also why the delusion of things is more beautiful than they really are?

Why the gorgeous crepuscular rays spread down to the Earth are awesome to watch, the worm perceptive senses of ethereal on the tender face, and seeing phosfenes when we close eyes?

Our brain is always looking for patterns because one of the most important jobs the brain does is making sense of the stream of information that is coming in through all the senses.

The confusion clears off only when the brain filters the information so that you are consciously aware only of what it thinks are the most important bits.

We shall discuss this veracity in a shortened prelude, which is tangentially connected to the main topic. This issue is more connected to the brain and mind.

The interesting fact is that the brain is the last organ anatomically and functionally grown in the human body.

Brain and mind are synonymously used, when clinically addressed, they are diverse. Brain development and mind function materializes in three phases. Brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body. Mind is part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination.

As age grows, so does the brain size. The Brain becomes functional when neurotransmitters are secreted in requisite quantity and act on obligatory specific receptors in the brain to induce an indispensable action with appropriate action-potential. This is the process of neuroplasticity, a perennial process.  

Then, the importance of cognitive process has to be emphasized, which occurs through perceptive experiences, learning outcomes from impulse actions, and pre-emptive keenness etc.

Then come new theory on Oscillatory brain cells, which says, these cells are involved in emotional and attractive bondage between individuals with a sequential steps of attraction, non-verbal synchrony, verbal synchrony and getting connected through conversation. With this we get to know people, win people and live along with people. So that, we can upgrade and market skills as is professionally demanded.

This interconnected cerebral mechanism evolves a social emotional learning. It involves emotional, intellectual, self-awareness, and empathy, enables us to inner-manage internally and our relationships with others externally. This dogmatic approach shows only 15% of person’s success is determined by his job knowledge and technical skills.  85% is determined by the by an individual attitude and ability to relate to other people.

There are brief silence-phases before getting connected to something, which share common ground with the inner self. So, getting connected starts from an unknown phenomenon to known selves and others. I conclude by saying that our ability to classify and narrate with people in such a way that the listeners and readers are attracted and get connected for a social relationships.

I have studied, explored and reshaped on some of the most inspiring personal development research papers. And I shall have them always to be the most inspirational to my ideas, beliefs and thoughts. My endeavour to write my ideas, believes and thoughts are adding values to others, if useful. I feel it is a minimum prerequisite when we are volunteering in giveback to community. 

I remember hearing a saying from my friend – “Even the best legal mind required a Socratic method to keep itself sharp.”

Simply speaking, personal relationship runs the world.

© Copyright 2018 thai prasad. All rights reserved.

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