Inside the Pond

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Inside the Pond

The endless ebb of others whom do not be appeasing

To his ever questing eye that knows of the hardship

Of his beauty others do sweetly pine to 'ever behold.

Narcissist, son of River God and Nymph

A quality product to the genes before.

Born hunter to bring forth tributes to the offering table

That all devotees be blessed to dine.

Drinking in the lavish crapulence,

The fake crowd nestles close to suffocation.

Narcissist must edge into the forest for time

In self-reflection as only his inner lust for truth trembles

Beyond the norms of quiet resolutions.

Deep in trees among the still lush green did the feeling

Of being followed unnerve the solitude that his

Peaceful need for reflection in the pit of which he lived.

A perfection of endless darkness never to fit the boredom without

A playoff of enlightened happiness that settles one into complacency.

The ghost-like presence that came behind to embrace

His fragile frame that feared unwelcome touching

That his Mother earnestly warned; he pushed away the offence

Not knowing the consequence later it would bring.

An Echo rang through his ears no matter of where

His mind tried to run, Narcissist hid within the hole where he

Spoiled himself into his own made sanctuary.

So that when he followed the heels and calls of Nemesis, his antithesis,

Did upsurge the anticipation that was a design to lure Narcissist

To search a unmatched beauty in a clear, reflective pond.

Slow footsteps that came to the edge of water itself

Bespoke for Narcissist to take view of the only equal loveliness

That was himself; thus falling to his knees bent low in praise

It was the instant ideal of all that is fair.

The allure in his eyes that held promise and pain,

Beheld by the sadness that ate slowly away to what could be acceptance

Of the beauty outside that kept imperfection away and turmoil in.

Narcissist, cooed to himself sweetly in slight apology that his

Mortal façade would fade preserved in the waters as he

Emerged his face in while his tears mixed in.

He gasped inwardly to kiss and drink his reflection in

As peace in his love overtook all breathe wasted upon the world above.

© Copyright 2018 Veronica Eisert. All rights reserved.