happiness vs. sadness

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Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Sometimes the sadness it just cuts so deep

So deep that it feels like it splits you into two 

You're this one, whole person on the outside 

But two people on the inside 

Happiness and sadness fighting to take over 

Inside you're conflicted

And probably exhausted too 

Because one side is trying to buoy you up and keep you afloat 

While the other side, the sadness, weighs so heavy on you and drags you down 

To the point you feel you will drown 

You just go up and down 

Gasping for air and then holding your breath

But one day you'll have to stop kicking and splashing and be still 

Still enough to let the waves take you where they need to lead you 


Inside you're conflicted 

And probably exhausted too

You're pulled taut like a game of tug of war 

Happiness vs. Sadness 

Each side vying for the win 

No one sees your struggle 

All the fighting takes place within 

But one day you'll have to stop being pulled in opposite directions, let the rope go slack 

Let go of the rope before that rope breaks you


One day you have to see that happy and sad are the same thing 

Two different sides of an emotional coin

Happy is one day and sad is another

Sad is in a moment and happiness is in the next 

Emotions are not your identity 

That is where many of us stumble

When we are happy we work so hard to keep the sadness away 

And when we are sad we feel hopeless to find our way back to happy 

This is why we feel split into two 

But we were never meant to live this way


And probably exhausted too

We were made for one identity and not two

Emotions are not who you are 

Emotions are messages 

Listen and take heed 

For the information you need is never found in the up and down, back and forth struggle 

It is when we stop resisting and let things be that we get what is necessary 

When we stop resisting

the conflict within must end 

We merge back into one being 

Who can feel anything 

Without the fighting and inner struggle 

We make peace with the sadness and find comfort in the happiness 

We know that they are not separate but rather that they overlap 

And yes sometimes the sadness cuts deep but happiness is never completely out of reach 

Never forget that there are always rivers of happiness that run through you 

We think of happiness as being light and floating high 

But just remember that happiness runs deep too 

It runs alongside the sadness 

And that means it's not too far and not too hard to get to

It's just a few steps away 

So don't get stuck in the river of sadness 

Don't forget that you can be happy too 

Happy and sad

Sad and happy

Two sides of an emotional coin

Two sides that are always available to you


© Copyright 2018 Nessa Lynn. All rights reserved.

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