Animals Deserve Love Too

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I am a huge animal activist! I became inspired to write a poem like this because i think containing animals in places like zoos or aquariums is unfair and selfish. I hope that when people read my
poem it speaks to them, opening their eyes to what that industry is all about. I want to impact others and make a difference,

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Animals Deserve Love Too

Love is what we need, Love is what we crave 

I know, I know that’s not how all animals behave 

Many can be aggressive, fierce or wild. But what human isn’t, woman or child? 

Animals or people, REALLY we are all the same. 

Ah! But no no no! That’s not how society claims! 

Many humans go against peace & love....


”Bring the animals in!” Shove, shove, shove. 

“Ah, I have an idea!” Said Mr. Lou “Let’s take the animals from their homes and put them in a zoo!”

”Make a list, make a list,  He yells inhaling his cig. “I want this to be successful, I want this to be big! Let’s get lions, tigers and elephants ooo those will do... THEN they’ll have babies and we can use them too! I say write monkeys, polar bears and crocodiles!” Mr Lou. grins and creepily smiles. 

“Yes, yes! That is what we’ll do! We will take them out of their climate and create their new environment! Up close and personal the people will LOVE IT! And you know what’s even better Little Petey? I’m making money from it!” 

Arms stretched HIGH in the hair, Mr. Lou is thrilled and without a care... 

“But-But Mr. Lou animals have feelings too...they’ll be stuck in cages with not much running space; just minimal room to roam, walk, pace... No more hunting or feeling free?” 

“That is right Little Petey, they’re owned by me! From now on little man what I say goes! If you cannot bare it then GET OUT! I don’t need your crying, I don’t need your pathetic pout.” 

“Sir, I just care! I want you to think this through! Animals NEED to live FREELY not in some zoo?! That is captivity, abuse, neglect...what kind of human could you be? Surely one that lacks respect! I will not be apart of your plan, COUNT ME OUT! Enough with your ideas, I will pout! What you’re doing is mean and wrong and this idea arouses you? Your sweet melody song! Well it is sick, sick I say! The way you think and people must PAY?! Yes! Yes! Come see the animals up close! Then go have lunch and make a toast! What a fun day at the zoo! But NOT ONE thought of concern in their mind runs through. Do-do do you see what you’d doing Mr. Lou?! It’s all about money and yourself I say!”

Well, what about the animals? What about their way? Yes, they are animals...fluffy and scaly but they kiss! You see! They’re romantic in their own way sir! They love they mate they miss! You doubt their well-being and all they’re good for!”  

Well, let me TELL YOU SIR it is so much more! Why animals are amazing and are all so diverse! We need them where they belong, all over the universe!”

They HELP our planet and keep it flowing. But blinding people with a show? You’ll keep them from knowing. To take them OUT of their environment?! OH OH SIR! PLEASE! DO NOT TRY IT! Pain and sadness would begin! Sir, this is SO WRONG! Doesn’t this feel like a sin? I will NOT let you do this Mr. Lou! This is terrible, I AM THROUGH!”

”Little man, I told you once and I will tell you again... we are business partners NOT friends! This is MY PLAN and it will be a success! I’m taking these animals WITH or WITHOUT depress!”

”It will build me up and give me power! I am setting up a meeting, be ready in an hour.” 


I told you, these animals lives are being taken for entertainment..and you’re excited because you receive the peoples payment.”

I hope this thought process of yours will change and animals are freed in exchange. If nothing is done..! THEN I WILL BE THE ONE! Just watch me Mr. Lou because you haven’t yet had your fun!”

”For I LOVE the animals, I will DO WHATS RIGHT! I am willing to go against your plan and fight, fight, fight! These creatures deserve justice, happiness and SPACE; I tell you fool, that is NOT something you’ll erase!”

”If you take these poor animals and shove, shove, shove... then it will be I! MR. Petey, who will spread peace and love.

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