Tiger Spirit

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about a young girl named Sarah Miller who moves to a new high school her junior year. She goes through a series of drama, romance, and friendships. After all being a teenager isn't
the most easiest thing in the world along with her dad's corny jokes, follow Sarah on here new journey at a completely new high school with new memories.

Table of Contents

New Beginnings

The dream blocking alarm blasts through my room rattling my brain to wake up. It's my first day as a junior at Cedar Grove High School. A... Read Chapter

Party Crashers

Emmaxoxo is trying to message you on instant messanger*   Emmaxoxo: Hey Sarah I'm about to head to your place? Ready? Sa... Read Chapter

A Broken Place

The front door slams shut. Everyone turns to me in horror. Emma walks over to me cautiously.  "Sarah what happened?" she asks ne... Read Chapter

Cheer Tryouts

The following Monday in homeroom just as Mrs. Blood was about to give the morning annoucements she turns to Carlos and I.  "Prin... Read Chapter

Committee Craze

Free period was the first cheer practice for new members. I practically fell down the stairs to get over to practice, I did not want to b... Read Chapter

Spirit Day

Friday is game day in Tiger town. Everything is covered in red and white streamers, banners and balloons. Everyone is super pumped for th... Read Chapter

Game Night

After a very filling dinner it was time to head back to school to prepare for the game. Mia instructed us to meet around 6pm to practice ... Read Chapter

A Not So Healthy Rivalry

Monday was the first day of spirit week leading up to the homecoming game and homecoming dance the following night. With the football tea... Read Chapter

Breaking In

After figuring out that the vandalizer used spray paint, we searched the school looking for more clues to see who our suspects were. Morg... Read Chapter

A New Quarterback

I wake up the next morning with a text from Maria.  Maria: Hey we don't have a room at the school for our last meeting to get ev... Read Chapter

Friday Night Lights

It is officially Friday which is the kick off of Homecoming weekend. Tonight is the game and tomorrow of course is the dance. Everyone is... Read Chapter

Homecoming Dance

I slip on my long, spaghetti strap, peach dress with rhinestones. I find a pair of brown wedges that fit perfectly. For accessories ... Read Chapter

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