Majesty Of The Seraph

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The highest order of the heavenly choirs eternally praising God.

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



Songs of light escape their lips


To bless all six wings never clipped


Gathered by the creator's throne


A heavely choir making sinners atone


Singing the Lord's praise


The mighty are gifted and raised


To be an audience to these higher beings


Whose glow across the universe sheens


Immortal against the flow of time


They speak in melodies and rhyme


For their music is for God's ears


Echoes of their songs ease the mortal's fear


Wings shine bright full of fire


Breathing truth to the liar


All sing of God's favored creation


His pride and joy as he sits in near isolation


The seraphim provide his joy


While he makes other celestial toys


For his denizens to enjoy


The seraph provide hope in the empty dark


Their music echoing around and leaving their mark


For not even Morningstar can shine so bright


Against the Seraphim's song of majesty and light

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