Dark and Stormy

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Once upon a time, we thought that life was simple, easy, giving, but is that true?

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



I ran through a dark alley, heart racing, sweat forming above my eyebrows. I knew this day would come,but it was too soon, too near! Lord, God, help me.

I sat at the TV, popcorn being thrown towards my mouth, feeling fine, content. A thunderclap appeared from outside, pellets pounding on my door. It was a dark and stormy night, the perfect movie night. My friends had yet to show up. We were ready to watch the shining, ready to cuddle up with our boyfriends when we got scared. I heard a knock at the door, knowing my friends had come. I walked to the door, and the lights flickered, shutting off. The ancient sounds of creaks and moans echoed around me, like ghosts, warning me not to answer it. I knew that George could fix the lights, and walked faster. I got around the bend as lightning flashed, causing me to see a face in the window, a handprint of blood. The knock now kept going, and intensified every second.


I whimpered, realizing that this was like a horror movie, and Jason would be there when I opened the door. I reached for the knob,  hesitant, but ready. I turned it slowly, and swung the door open, blocking my face.

"Hello!" A cheery chorus said! My friends were here! I looked behind me, no creaks, lights on, broken window... wait, broken window?

They came in and shut the door.

"Ready?" They said. I nodded, staring at the window. It seemed to entrance them too, for no one was talking, nor moving. I looked back, only to see 2 of 9 friends there, andblood on the carpet. i felt something drip onto me. I shivered, looking up. My friends hang by the chandelier, eyes gouged out, blood running from their mouths. I hear a shriek, and look back. Cheryl sits, head torn off, arrow in arm. 

To be continued...

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