The Execution of a Psychic

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A man annoys prison guards before his execution.

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



The Execution of a Psychic


By Shadowgate



William Hillard and his wife Edna were on their way to witness an execution in Huntsville TX. The man who raped and killed their 10 year old daughter back in 2000 was going to die tonight.

His name is Jonathan Hunter and he's 40 years old.




Attorney for the condemned Denise Richards.


Assistant DA Conrad Bell


The inmate had his final meal and final physical.


20 minutes before the execution the parents of the victim were led to the witness room.


They took their seats and when Hunter was brought into the execution chamber and the shackles were taken off and he lied down on the gurney.

He was strapped to the gurney and it was announced the execution would proceed soon.

The window curtain was raised and the warden read the sentence.

"Jonathan Hunter you've been convicted of capital murder in the death of Nicole Hillard in violation of Texas Penal Code 19.03 and sentenced to death. Have you any last words before your sentence is carried out?"


The condemned answered "I'd like to say I'm sorry to the family of my victim and in 30 seconds the power will go out. I know because I'm psychic."


The warden laughed "well if you're psychic I've definitely no sympathy for you because you should have known you'd get the death penalty for killing a child."


Others laughed but the Hillard Parents were disgusted.


Right before the warden gave the go-ahead for the phenobarbital injection there was loud thunder and the power went out.





Everyone was irritated. The condemned went on to say "I predict prison guard Morton Kasich will get be going through a divorce by next week."


The prison guard Morton said "whatever asshole."


After the power came back on the warden signaled the executioner to go ahead.

15 minutes later Jonathan Hunter was dead.


The next morning Jill Barr and her son Kyle were in their car. She was taking him to work. The announcement of the execution over the radio and the details about the condemned inmate predicting the power failure and that a guard will get a divorce next week.


The radio DJ said "well the power failure happened when he said it would so I hope that guard in question is ready to make alimony payments."


Kyle said to his mother Jill "oh mom that's eerie that he was able to do that."


Another DJ on the radio said "I'm in total agreement with the warden. The warden said to him 'if you're a psychic you should have known you'd get the death penalty for raping and killing that girl."


Jill replied "really!"


Kyle laughed.


One week later.


Prison Guard Melvin Price said "hey Kasich it turned out that death row inmate we executed last week was right. You're getting a divorce."


Kasich replied "well yes he was right but he didn't predict this."


Kasich opened fire on his fellow prison guards killing seven before the warden himself shot and killed Kasich.


Jill and Kyle were surprised the next morning to hear not only was the death row inmate's prediction being right but the shooting itself.




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