If Objects Could Speak

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Please note: the voice in this poem arises from, and captures, a specific point of view and experience, but it is important to be aware that other genders can also be victims and perpetrators.

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



If Objects Could Speak


If objects could speak,

They’d always say yes,

And they would reveal

They faked their distress.

Since they lack speech and


Consent falls prey to


Though they can’t speak,

They sometimes make sounds,

Which may seem like “no,”

But don’t you slow down – 


You may sometimes find

Objects resisting,

But all you must do:

Keep on insisting.

If there were no screams,

No forceful fights back,

Then who would believe 

It was an attack?

But if you do find

That there is friction,

Do it, regardless – 

Rare is conviction.

If objects could speak,

There’s nothing to say.

She knows just like you:

The matter is grey.

Because, hey, guess what?

She had been drinking,

She dared to go out,

What was she thinking?

And maybe her skirt

Was not worn too high,

But the way she walked

Was not at all shy.

Don’t get me started

On her thin-strapped shirt.

She shouldn’t wear it

And not expect hurt.

So don’t pause to think

About what she wants;

Everything she did

Was just meant to taunt.


And don’t you think twice

If she starts crying.

You know she loved it.

That bitch is lying.

They won’t believe her;

It’s he-said-she-said.

They will convince her

It’s all in her head.

You did nothing wrong,

So you won’t get caught.

The act turned her on – 

It’s totally hot.

The power steamy,

You didn’t use tape,

Nor cut or bruise her – 

That can’t be called rape.

And if she denies,

Wants your confession,

Then rape her for real – 

Teach broads a lesson.

Between you and me,

I bet she wants that;

Rape would be a dream.

She’s ugly and fat.

If you go to court,

You’ll “rape” her again,

As you’ll clearly win

Without evidence.

“Innocent until…”

Innocent you’ll stay.

Can’t prove no consent

In this twisted game.

Sexual assault,

A favourite of mine,

They’ll blame the victim – 

It’s the perfect crime.

You hold the power,

Have more in your pants.

You will always have

Control in this dance.

You know she wants it

You know that she begs

And it’s your birthright

To get between legs.

You’re not a stranger,

So it’s not assault,

You’re an acquaintance,

Which makes it her fault.

She just should have known,

She should have fought hard,

She’s too dramatic,

She’s not really scarred.

Birth, social, legal

Rights are on your side.

If cunts try to speak,

You can override.

Women aren’t people,

Just vulvas, boobs, butts,

And deep down inside,

All of them are sluts.

So don’t be afraid

To take what is yours.

Don’t be a pussy – 

Those belong on whores.

They may tell you “no,”

But this, don’t respect;

She really means yes – 

They’re only objects.

© Copyright 2019 Zara Diab. All rights reserved.

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