Carmen Poem

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about Bizet's popular opera, Carmen.


She is beautiful, dangerous. Beware: this gypsy will cast her spell on you.

In the town of Seville, a change of the guard, as

Fiery girls smoke out free will; their love they discard.

With bated breath men long to meet

The fair gypsy, “Carmencita!” do they entreat.

“Love is a wild bird no one can tame.”

A lust burning hot, a passionate embrace.

To to the soldier Jose, a man bound by pride,

A promise is spoken, a dance with a body so lithe.

Within the chains of her smile, the rose in her palm,

The gypsy now has the eyes of all.

Oh, sweet witch, you do enchant,  to make the guard’s lips n’er recant.

She is beautiful, dangerous, true. This gypsy has cast her spell on you.

Round the tables her comrades twirl to raucous cheers and trills.

Till Jose in rusted chains to his lady is never untrue.

Full of hot passion he cries, “Carmen, I love you.”

With petals still in plush, full crimson does Jose vow

But to belong to another the gypsy will never allow.

Like all tragic tales with Fate dealing the cards, now this love story is torn apart.

Escamillio, that rider of the great black bull, now his eyes as black as his toll.

For Carmen will he and Jose spar, till the last man rises high.

But when it comes to love, who lives and who dies?

Now among the shadows is revealed an innocent so pure:

Micaela, Jose’s village beauty, sings out of friendship endure:

“She is beautiful, she dangerous, I tell. Be warned, this gypsy will cast her spell.”

Carmen and Jose forswear their fornication and with Escamillo, Carmen announces her intentions.

Now the fate must change; the future is not written in the stars. But Carmen still plays her cards.

Again and again the cards flip and fly. But the Reaper alone shows his scythe.

Her heart trembles, her voice shakes, but still, Carmen has powerful faith.

Yet, death rears his ugly head once more as Jose decides to settle the score.

With dagger in hand and jealousy inflamed, Jose does to Carmen his love proclaim.

“I will be free I shall roam every land. Hear me now: Carmen belongs to no man.”

Into her heart is thrust a knife and so the guard ends the gypsy’s life.

“Love is a wild bird, a lost prize to chase.”

A lust burning hot, a passionate embrace.

Within the chains of her smile, with an affair to befall, Carmen answered Fate’s laughing call.

Oh, harken dark beauty, temptress divine, from beyond the grave you speak one last line:

“I am beautiful. Dangerous. Free. Beware. Carmen will cast her spell on thee.”


Submitted: August 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Mya Maola. All rights reserved.

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