Don't You Cry

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Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



I've been laughed at for the gifts God gave me..

I've been called weird. Yes, I've been called crazy.

I'm enjoying this journey, on this route I endure.

Not much thought,

just pure joy ensured..

Laughed at by friends,

and cursed down by my family..

Not many to turn to,

See that's just how God saved me.

See when I sat there alone,

in that place I called home.

On the carpet I see there

when I close both my minds.

A 5 year old boy, just hoping I'd die.

God spoke to me then

and showed me His secrets.

Said "Don't You Give Up,

I Need you to be this.."

It'll all get better

Just give it some time.

The life I have for you

You'll no longer cry

Just give Me your Love

I'll take care of your pride.

The world will then know,

What I'VE placed inside.

The seeds that I gave you

They'll sprout up in time..

A fountain of light..

I made you to Shine!


Don't You Cry.

By ~ Samuel Isaiah Hunter

© Copyright 2019 Samuel Isaiah Hunter. All rights reserved.

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