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Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



His breath reeks of booze. I can feel the alcohol in the room, the air saturated with it. My legs strain against the chains binding me to the floor, as I pump my forearms in an attempt to loosen the ropes. I can hear his footsteps as he paces around the room but I can't see him. I’ve been bound, gagged, and blindfolded since this all started. I don’t know how long it’s been.  All I remember is walking out of the school after theater class, after staying an extra thirty minutes to help clean up, and then it all went dark. I don’t think I ever reached my car. At that point no one else was in the parking lot because of the time, so I don’t even know if anyone saw me being taken. Taken. I think that's what you would call this. I feel the heat from his breath on my face as I hear his footsteps stop right in front of me. I know his face is directly in front of mine.

“Melanie,” I freeze when I hear my name. I know that voice. “Mel. I really don’t want to hurt you. I just needed to get you here alone. I need to talk to you mel.” I feel the blindfold being taken off. His fingers are delicate, almost dainty. It’s dark in the small room but I know who stands in front of me. He smiles timidly and looks down at his feet. I try to speak through the gag but only grunts come out. “Oh right! Sorry about that.” he reaches behind me again and unfastens the cloth. Again he smiles down at me. I take my shot and spit. His face screws up in disgust and he steps back. I look around. We are in some sort of long room, the walls are covered in tools, and there is a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling, which flickers meekly.

“Mr. Reid. Why am I here.” I kept my voice level, trying not to reveal the terror in my heart. He’s my teacher. The man who is supposed to make me feel safe and teach me how to live. He teaches history, the class I have repeatedly slept through. His face comes back into view and he scowls at me before softening and taking my face in his hands, closing my mouth with his thumb.

“I just have some things I need to say to you, and I would appreciate it if you don't do that again. I don't want to have to put the gag back on you.” he looks at me for an answer and I nod. Slowly he removes his thumb. “Ok, that's better.”

“What do you want to talk about?” I put a false tone of ease into my voice, trying to wind him up. I need to see how far I can go before he breaks. He looks at me through his lashes, keeping his face angled down.

“Melanie, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever taught. And the things you wear… I can't help but think about you,” his hand brushes my thigh, “in other ways.” I feel bile rise up in my throat. My legs flinches away from his touch, and he backs up, growing frustrated. “I know you feel this way too. You're always looking at me with that glazed look in your eyes, the one that shows you're thinking of the future. Maybe there is a future with us.” I scoff. “Look, I understand this is coming out of left field, but don’t just pretend you haven't been wearing those provocative clothes. The skirt that rides up a  little high. The shirt that goes just a little too low. You wear those things on purpose.” he looks at me manically.

“And what purpose would that be, Mr. Reid?” My voice comes out laced with venom.

“To provoke!” He exploded. “You wear them to provoke me, and it works. You're all I can think about, night and day. How could I be expected to teach when the girl whose body fills my mind is sitting ten feet from me. You wear these clothes to send me a message saying you're ready. Unfortunately, it's taken me awhile to find myself ready as well. But i’m ready now. We can start a new life together. I even brought the teddy bear I had as a child for our future little one.” he goes to the corner and brings out a ratty old bear the size of a watermelon. I look at him in silence before I come to a decision. I start to scream. I scream like I never have before. He jerks back and throws the doll, covering his ears with his now free hands. “STOP. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.” he grabs the gag from where he left it and shoves it in my mouth tying it roughly behind my head. It muffles my scream but not enough. The trembling teacher leaves through a door I hadn't seen before and for a fleeting second I think i'm going to be okay. I think someone must have heard my scream. They must be coming for me.

Then the room starts to move. The tools on the wall clang together and sway side to side. This isn't a room. It's the cab of an RV. I’m going to die.  


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