Swan Song Symphony

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Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



Swan Song Symphony

Identity is important;

But being Human leaves an ever more potent


Like a scream from deep in the lungs, or

An urge to spit out my own tongue.

There is deep love for the Land,

But we seem hell bent on sucking the life

From the source of our abundance.

We have taken Her for granted time and time and 



I watch from the sidelines as Mother Orca

Carries her calf,


Through the waves for the 17thstraight day,

And all we can say is what a shame,

When this Matriarch is hailing us from the depths

Begging us to pay attention to the desperate pleas

From all the other patrons of this place.


For this marine family, the harsh facts are these:

It has been 3 years since a calf has survived to

Grow into God or Goddess of the seas.


Mother is screaming at the top of her lungs,

But hear no evil,

See no evil,

Speak no evil,

And while we remain happily deaf, blind, and dumb

This devil will steal away the last places where life

Can sustain;

The remnants of life will quietly spirit away,

While nurturing nights turn into everly endless summer days,

And pitiful interventions will have come too late.


And when that day comes,

You can bet that the naysayers will be the first to complain,

Insisting we mistook their denial, they could never have known

That these were the stakes at the end of the day.


So circle up Warriors,

Make a dream of a new tomorrow.

Unshackled and free of yesterday’s sorrows,

Time has always been borrowed,

So like my mom used to say:

Don’t put off for tomorrow, 

The work of today.

Time to make some changes

Not what we want to see in the World,

But what the World needs to see in me.

As simple this, as this is reality:

Don’t just be the change you wish to see,


Be the change that we, we collectively,

 desperately need.



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