Distant Lonely Star

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For an Astronaut on earth, living the dream of a happy life. I’ll be watching from the distant at the shadow of the universe where the light shines brighter in the dark.

-At the Heart of a Star collection-

'’Don't cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won't let you see the stars.’' —Violeta Parra

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018




Shining in the sky 

In the darkness of the night,

Being distant and all shy, 

Leaving traces of her light.


Like a shooting star fallen in your hand

You didn’t travel or worked hard

Like cosmic dust speared like sand,

A love grew fast on guard.


There’s no ‘you and I’ together,

A million galaxies, we would’ve explored!

And this might feel under the weather,

But how silly I was to expect more.


Attracted to you just like gravity 

Like a forced anointing with stardust,

And the star who lost her sanity,

You totally gained my trust.


Oh, Astronaut getting back from space 

You left in the distant, and set the star free

And that’s the case,

Where my loneliness will let you be.


Like a Sun dance,

And an ancient forgotten myth- 

What is the point of a romance,

If I don’t have a Co-Star to share it with?


I’ll look for you during the darkest night

Shall all my efforts be in vain,

I’ll shine in the distant very bright 

But the stars won’t align to see you again


The stellar core won’t have another guest,

The life cycle has come to an end,

An evolved star is all what’s left,

In silence now, I’ll descend....


The universe expands from pieces 

I’ll see you from a million light-years

As you happiness on earth increases

And you can’t see a star’s tears...


The brilliance of a love now burned out-

A galactic tale too good to be true,

You, an astronaut full of doubt

Looking at the sky already dark blue.


Like in a meteor shower 

Hidden in the distance, 

Trying to escape from your power,

Now my heart can put some resistance-


Your descendant is now with you-

You, astronaut on Earth very far 

Don’t wait for my cue

I’m just a distant lonely star...


To love, you learned,

To be happy, I guess...

Forcedly, I earned

My brightness in the middle of this mess...


A piece of Heaven is your rejoice,

You already have someone to focus on,

You made your choice,

I’ll be gone...


This love has been broken apart,

And now you can see,

The one that occupies your heart...

It’s not me.

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