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This is a short story of the person I was and hope to become

Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



I crashed, burned and died was all that I could remember when I began to open my eyes again I seen a vision of a complete life. Now I'm sitting here in the present finally figuring things out. It took a lot of hardship and a few good people and someone very special who will always have a place in my heart. I now understand what it means to be set free and allow things to soar as they like. You can only hope that they learned as much from you as you did from them. I shall be eternally grateful for my life lessons because I know that those things will be my fuel to never give up on myself or the people I care about. As for the people that thought they could walk all over me, stab me in the back, and smile in my face I will make sure that they remember and never forget my name. I will put all of my efforts into pure success and when I begin to rise from the ashes and fly above the clouds and they try and come back into my life I will greet them with a smile, a hand shake, and A HOPE YOU HAVE A BRILLIANT DAY! As I walk right passed them with my head held high. I will never have malicious thoughts of these people or try and retaliate in any form what so ever because it's not worth back tracking into a hateful person, but that doesn't mean I have to have them be part of my life. I only have so much love left and it's already been stolen. I will take this journey ahead of me expecting to feel like I'm trapped in a blender because I can't wrap my mind around a few things, but I'll remember a few traits from that special person so I'll step back and look at things with a brand new perspective and guide myself back on the path I feel like I belong on. I have learned a lot already and expect to learn so much more till the time on my clock hits zero. I'm writing this on August 28th 2018 and I will have to remember the mindset I am in now and make sure that I can feed it with a purpose of finding the closest formula to peace because I already know there's no such components to actually achieve it in this life but if I am lucky and blessed I shall see it in the next. I will always honor the code I live by which is honesty, loyalty, trust and love if I give you these things I shall never give you a reason to doubt where I stand and won't take them away till you break them. So believe me when I say if I love you I hope you stay for the journey and if we lost I hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for every episode.

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