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trying times ahead

Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



Waking everyday in a world that isn’t my own

Trapped in a society that was formed where dead bodies were thrown

Scattered ashes of a life that had been sold long ago

Let me tell you of the life we all come to know

They sold me dreams of riches, gold and fame 

Capture my attention with cute faces, nice bodies and all the brand names

Painted pictures of scenarios where my life will never grow 

Made me feel like a bum when I had already been so low

Gucci. Luis. Prada. Yezzi & Fendi. Take a ride in style, the world will envy you plenty

A mindset that’s taught while folks trying to be tough

If you don’t have haters, you must not be poppin

A bully on the outside Yet they steadily flogin

I could go on for days, let’s hate the gays

It all seems so whack, let’s hate em cause they black

Lets keep each other down, no Mexicans on our ground

You see we are taught to hate but to dream of love

Take from the mouth of others or you will receive none

We’ve been conditioned to be complacent and not have a voice

The ones still fighting for rights have to make the most noise

They try to silence our minds in hopes that you may forget over time

Many can’t see where the world is headed

If we can’t come together the situation gonna be deaded 

© Copyright 2019 Steven Romine. All rights reserved.

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