Lost in ones Mind

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Just something I wrote based off an idea I know it's not the greatest. But just looking to get better.

Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



I woke up one morning with a burning sensation in my head and I couldn't figure out why. I searched the deepest corners of my room for my damn weed but couldn't find it. I ran into the living room raging and ranting about my headache. I wanted my weed so bad. and that's when I heard my gf yelling from the kitchen "its under the bed next to my vibrator don't you remember kicking them off after you blew your hit into my pussy when I began to cum." I ran into the kitchen in shock and asked her how she knew what I was looking for and she said "you were yelling it... in deep thought I heard her say wow babe you really are going crazy!" when I heard her thoughts in my head I practically flew out the door into the world. as I was wandering the streets I could hear what everyone was thinking about themselves as well as me when I would come in contact with them. I started to think about the things people were saying; well I guess in this case what they were thinking. I didn't know I did half the things people thought. i couldn't wrap my head around the things I couldn't see about myself and it made me realize how much these things could affect the woman I fell in love with. I wanted to find a way to get rid of this curse that was placed upon the world because even though we can learn exactly what we want about someone you better be ready to let them indulge in your own secrets at their own will. so when I finally figured out the formula to achieve my goals. I ran back home to tell the love of my life what I have discovered. and as I crashed through the door I ended up waking up on the floor looking directly at my weed under the bed next to my girls vibrator. "wow last night was a wild night hopefully she rides me like that again!" she already knew what I was thinking before I even knew the thought was coming! "wow dejavu!?"

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