Missing you

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Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



Missing you  ...


It’s been four years

There’s still this space 

Inside my head 

It tends to be your place


At first I was furious

Filled with sadness 

How could this be? 

We no longer had this...


Distance was always there

We lived far from eachother 

But now it’s even worse

We no longer affiliate with one another 


Why did you do this to me? 

You let me go

You lied 

You cheated 

I still didn’t know 


I sat in my room 

Scared and unsure 

I thought you would be mine



Within a week 

Our communication faded

Hearing rumors from your friends

But I still waited 


I love you 

I miss you 

I think about you a lot

But you left me, moved on

You just forgot 


I’ve never been so hurt

You were my first 

But I guess that’s why they say

“It’ll hurt the worst”


As time went by 

I still wept 

But I realized something

Why, you left


It wasn’t you 

It was me

I pushed you away

I smothered your love

In this crazy way 


I thought you would change

I didn’t like this and that

I didn’t understand 

I was whacking your love with a bat


Soon you got tired 

Of being hit 

So you let me go secretly

You no longer could do it


You didn’t want to hurt me

I now can see that

But when someone tares into you

You run from that bat


So I wanted to say I’m sorry

For everything I did

I was still learning myself

Hey, I was just a kid


You’re in my dreams and thoughts 

I think about you still 

I would love to see you again 

God, I would kill 


I know you moved on

Your time with me has been erased

I wish you the best...

But you’ll always have that special place

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