Firefly Fairy

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Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



Two girls can love one another
and other things I learned outside of school

Fireflies are basically fairies
or hadn't you heard?
They don't exist in my cityscape
A backdrop of buildings with no space for magic besides the giant who lights the street lamps by flipping the switch on top
No space for magic besides the healing of a laugh and a mother's hug
No space for magic besides what you find with the strength of your heart
A heart beats strongest when in pain
The strongest feeling
that shows you that you had loved
And that's the true strength

loving even after heartache

My mother was the strongest woman I knew
A knack for puns
a mind for math
the spirit of a sprite
and the
mirth of one, too

She taught me that two women could love one another
that fairies could exist and looked like lit cigarettes
that love shows strength
and trust isn't earned
It's a surprise
nicely wrapped with no strings or bows
nothing expected and
pleasantly returned
A woman for whom naivety was a charm
an armor
against the darkness of her depression
The same that slows my neural circuits
darkens my mood
turns my eyes down

But she stayed smiling
So I smiled at her
because her smiles were contagious
this woman who spoke of fairies
called fireflies

And so I learned to lift my head
to look at her
and to smile

She sang
throat vibrating
The same throat
I lay
perched against
every night I couldn't sleep
because her leg shaking as she lay down to sleep
was my poor city girl's version of a massage chair
And I dreamt
of her breezy hammocks
tales from a childhood long lost
and since lived

A young girl from Puerto Rico
The same place that causes my skin to darken in the sun
made her skin burn
and reminded me of the roses she gave me on my birthday
My favorite flower since

I believe my mother was a fairy
like nothing a firefly ever could be
But even the streetlamp giants have to turn off their lights
go to sleep
Even rose bushes have repose

close their open, trusting petals

Even fireflies light momentarily before reverting to the dark
And so my fairy queen
my mother
is gone.

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