The Reveling

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Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



The Reveling 


I am thirsty for beautiful things.

A revel rouser,

A rogue, those

Who still dare to dream.


I want to BE,

So many wondrous things.

I want to be,

The Ocean, for how fearlessly

She rolls in the deep,

If ever a soul knew to live dangerously

It is the rebellious She of the Sea.


I want to embrace change gracefully,

Not with fearful resisting, but

Like the transformation of leaves

On autumn trees;

How they leave behind a youthful beauty,

Stepping into seasoned brilliance.

More valuable for permitting Time

His reliable passing.


I want to be the elegance

Of the hummingbird as she dances.

With steady ease, nectar she drinks,

The stuff that God’s need for sustaining both

Their energy and Divinity.


I want to be the Red Tailed Hawk, soaring,

To higher heights then my dreams at night,

To loftier sights that ever remind me:

Keep perspective, keep my bearings

To always see the Forest for the Trees.


I want to be the Orca Queen,

For how powerfully she grieves, 

Shameless embodiment of vulnerability, as

She fearlessly tends to her healing;

Reminding me that goodbyes are tender things,


Goodbyes are never-ending, 

But she survives even so, 

with jaw-dropping chaos silencing



I want to be the river Otter,

For his carefree playfulness,

For the laughter and amusing tricks,

Infusing Joy into my Spirit.


How about Brother Bear, 

For his tireless curiosity?

For how he finds even little things, genuinely 


How he uses his ferocity,

But only when there is something worth fighting



And I want to be the Wildflowers,

For how they bloom and dance,

In soft breezes of unapologetic 


How they carpet our planet,

The rainbow is so many of our man-made insane


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