Dark and Stormy pt.2

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Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



Horror flooded me, leaving me motionless, as little maggots crawled out of her, and a hissing sound filled the house. Gas. And I left the OVEN ON!!! I ran to the front door, trying to get out, but it was stuck. I saw the window, and dove through it, narrowly avoiding being exploded. I sighed, and heard a strange cackle from behind me. I looked around, noticing I was trapped, as a knife stood out of the darkness, protecting its master. I smiled, and ran away. I ran past homes, buildings, and people. I got to the city. I knew it was only a amtter of time before they caught up to me, leaving me like my friends.  I ran through a dark alley, heart racing, sweat forming above my eyebrows. I knew this day would come, but too soon, too near! Lord, God, help me.

I heard that cackle again as I neared the dead-end. 

"Why Me?" I asked out loud, and the footsteps stopped.

"You're vulnerable, desperate, and supposed to be dead already!" It snarled. I heard it advance again. I had to think of something, fast.

"If you want my body, you can have it! I'm no virgin, just please, spare me." I pleaded. He chuckled.

"It's not your body I want, it's you." I tried climbing the wall, but bloodied my fingers in the process. He sniffed.

"You've got nowhere to run... Game Over."

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