You don’t remember light switches, but you always say good morning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: The House of Poetry

Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



You don’t remember light switches, but you always say good morning 


I don’t know how to explain it

It’s like my life somehow shifted lanes

Like my fate took an exit

I never knew that it could take


One day my world is rice paper

Bound to tear me apart at any slip

Then out of nowhere here you come 

And encase everything in resin 


Now my whole world has a shimmer

When the light hits any part

And every surface scratches

But a little buff and it’s back to the start


Somehow nothing at all feels fragile 

You installed a volume knob for my fears

I see each day as blessings 

And I’ve dried all of my tears 


My heart was fixed to my sleeve 

With safety pins, stitches, and tape

Now it’s in a brand new home

And for once, I don’t want to escape 


It’s warm and safe inside my chest 

Yet somehow in your hands 

And I’m not scared of breaks and bruises

This doesn’t feel written in the sand 


It’s crazy to say I know this

Since everything’s so new

But somehow I feel alive in ways 

I can only chalk up to you 


You’ve got the smile of 96 sunrises

And the laugh of pulley songs

You have tamed my heart, my love

And for that you’ve become my fox


You’re silver spun stories

Of romance

You’re daydreams

Of a last, first moonlit dance 


You’re a heartbeat away 

From breaking down impenetrable walls

You’re a forgiveness in my heart

Of every face first fall 


You’re late night wishes

Of cuddles 

And kisses 

You’re a tally list

A mile long

Of magical firsts  

Where each other belongs 


You’re a new world wonder

You’re the rain

And you’re my thunder 


You’re captivating 

Simply amazing

And baby, this is new

But I look forward to every tomorrow 

Since the day I first spoke to you 


This isn’t your typical love poem

It’s more like a thank you note

For giving me the greatest blessing in the world

Of feeling all of these things I’ve wrote


Thank you baby for our yesterdays,

For our smiles, and crossed fingers for many tomorrows 

And being the wonderful blessing of a man

Whose presence eases my heart’s perpetual sorrows 





© Copyright 2020 Jessica K. Ford. All rights reserved.

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