I am, the Universe

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An empowering poem I created, to signify the parallelism between one and the strengths and bountifulness of the universe.

Submitted: August 29, 2018

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Submitted: August 29, 2018



Fire , I am 



Causing wildfires to those who can’t tame me

Making whole of those who come my way that were once not complete

molding them into their most solid form 

I am Fire.


Earth, I am



Gold lays beneath my dirt 

But only few can see that take the time to know my inner core

and heat lays beneath my cold dirty surface because people have walked over me

 day and night

 yet no one can break me because my strengths are plentiful and my love and resilience is limitless 

I am Earth. 


Water, I am 

Making peace after the storms I cause 

Feel my wrath then soothe me and watch my peaceful waves and low tides cause you serenity 

I will take you places man can not travel

I give you life , you need me

I am Water. 


All of these components, all of the elements that make me

that can break you or make you whole 

Makes me who I am

I am, the Universe 


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