The Alien

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Man has weird ways of dealing with the unknown. Some accept it as true and believe anything that comes from it. Others take some time to deal with it, but in the end, they come to accept it. But there's a small percentage of people, people who completely refuse to take the truth, doing anything to prove it as false. In "The Alien" we follow the story of Grey Prowell, a young adult that was forced to move into a new home by himself. He soon finds himself facing the unknown head-on. How will he react? Find out in "The Alien" a short story by [Name Redacted].

I understand why I’m here, sitting in this room talking to a person who calls himself a doctor. A person who sits and listens and asks easily answered questions just waiting for their paycheck. Just begging your patients to say what you want them to say; for you to finally tie them up and put them in a padded cell, and classify them as mentally deranged; not fit for this world. You decide if others have some mental illness and throw away any story they tell as one more reason for them being psychotic. They think I’m crazy; they want me to admit I’m crazy, but I’m not. I'm not crazy. I know what I saw and I know what happened; I’m not a psychopath, I'm not dangerous, I'm not crazy. I’m just a person who has been through a lot.


“Elaborate,” the voice comes in from the left of me, I look over to a “doctor”, a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Howitz, Jonathan Howitz. “What have you been through?” I look up to the white ceiling, contemplating on telling the story of how I got here and what happened to me. It's not like I have a choice; my hands are tied. I take a deep breath.




It started May 25th, the weather was getting warmer as time drew closer to the summer season. Many people would spend this time with family or hang out with friends, but I spent it in my small apartment building cooped up next to a barely working air conditioner; vibrating a melody of sadness, loneliness. My parents and I weren’t on good terms after they demanded I pack my stuff up and go a week before; so times weren’t good for me. I worked as a cashier for a small corner store; I worked for minimum wage so the best place I could get was a shady room in a busted up apartment building. The only time I’ve seen the landlady was when I got the place; I don’t even remember her name.


 I got the top floor. The building looked decades maybe even a century old; the walls were damaged, the bricks that made it up were chipped and stained; it smelled of cigarette smoke and piss. There was only one bedroom and a bathroom, the bedroom also being my living room. Not much space to move around, but it was the only available place that allowed pets so I took it.


I vividly remember channel 30 news being on. Some man was talking about some terrible experience he went through, he talked about a creature, he threw out the word alien a lot. I’ve never been a believer of monsters or aliens; so I called it a hoax and turned off the channel. 


My dog, Neo, jumped on my couch excitedly; ready for his daily walk. We always left about an hour before sunset so we can watch it together at the park we go to; something that started with an O, I don’t go there anymore so my memory’s a little fuzzy. I hooked on his leash and walked to the park. The park was always great, there were lively ponds always filled with geese and their goslings, nice swings, and calm open fields that I let Neo run around in. There’s this hill that we climb to watch the sunset. I made myself comfortable while Neo sat on my lap as we watched. It was kind of a tradition, one we both liked.


That’s when it happened. We watched the sun make its slow descent over the horizon, casting an orange hue across the sky, allowing the black of night to take over. The wind picked up as it started to get chillier. I urged Neo to go seeing as I didn’t grab a jacket before we left. We make our way down the hill as the orange color finally fades and is engulfed in complete darkness. As we made it to the bottom of the hill, Neo started acting weird. He started growling at nothing, pointing toward the trees, I thought it was some other dog, maybe another person went on a walk, nothing serious. I tried to calm him down before he broke out into a sprint toward the trees, running with such force, the leash slipped out of my hand.


He ran at full speed, dragging the leash along the ground as I made chase, calling his name. I started to feel anxious, not just for him, but for myself. I can’t explain it. I felt some kind of presence that was threatening like something was bound to go wrong. Some kind of sixth sense. I ran toward the treeline to see Neo quivering and whimpering. I walk over to him exhausted, I bent over to pick him up, before I saw it.


“Saw what exactly?”


“The alien,” It had pale white skin, looked almost human-ish. It towered over me, its bones visible behind the skin like there was no muscle. At the end of its fingers held razor-sharp claws. It had no eyes just a mouth, a mouth with a spine chilling smile, grinning from nonexistent ear to nonexistent ear, containing teeth that only looked like canines.


“What did it do?”


It just looked at me, I know it didn’t have eyes, but it was looking AT ME. A long tongue left its mouth, dripping saliva. It curled many times, maneuvering around before finding my face. I was paralyzed in fear, I couldn’t move a muscle. It raised its hand in the air revealing its claws before I came to my senses, picked up Neo, and ran for my life. I sprinted out of the park, not looking back, the thought that it may be following us implanted in my mind, giving me the extra strength to run until we made it home. I frantically pulled the keys out my pocket unlocking the large metal door that is the entrance to our apartment and swung it open. After I ran up the three stories worth of stairs, relief filled my mind as we entered our room. I realize now that it wasn’t trying to kill me, only tormenting me for the moment, seeing what happened next.




A couple of days passed, Neo had a seizure. He never had a problem with seizures or epilepsy or anything like that. I was worried; so I took him to a vet to get him checked out, he said that it may not be anything serious, he told me that if it happened again to contact him and they’ll look into it more, it never did happen again... 


Instead of seizures, he seemed more distant. I know that it sounds stupid seeing as he’s a dog but, it felt like he didn’t want to be around me. It was bizarre. I know I've never been a social guy, I had no friends at the time, I had to put all my time into work and when I had an off day I spent it with myself. Neo’s been the only thing that I looked forward to seeing. He stopped caring about his walks, he never sat next to me as I watched television, he never slept at the foot of my bed anymore. I couldn’t help but worry for him, but that could’ve been a little paranoia on my part. Maybe he had a cold, no I would probably know that. Maybe he did it only when I wasn’t paying attention. Possibly, but not likely. Maybe it was that creature. NO! That can’t be it, there’s no way that something like that would attack a helpless dog. I had work that next morning; so I drowned my thoughts in some cheap brandy and went off to bed.




Work was a blur. I stared off into the distance for the majority of the time; my mind was still on Neo and if he’s okay. I was so out of it that the very few customers we had, had to ring the bell that we keep on the check-in counter just to get my attention. My boss noticed. At about 8 PM, I was about to leave before he stopped me. All he did was lecture me about paying attention when on the job. He said we have too few customers for them to have to get my attention when I’m standing in front of them. I promised it wouldn’t happen again and left with my stuff.


The walk home was eerie like something was watching. Again, that could’ve been paranoia on my part, but it felt real, it was a very weird feeling. I gave in to the notion, rabidly turning my head in every direction, peering into alleyways I used to walk through with no problem. I started to hear whispers, inaudible, yet threatening whispers. I checked every direction while doing a quick speedwalk, there was nothing, but I felt that sixth sense; the feeling I had at the park before I saw the creature. Without a single thought, I blasted into a full sprint, I ran through the alleyways and bolted through the streets, I didn’t look both ways when I crossed, I didn’t care about cars in the street, I just wanted to get away from that… thing. I kept running and did the same thing as the 25th, I frantically pulled my keys out of my pocket and unlocked the metal door, swinging it open, and ran up the 3 flights of stairs. I burst through my door and dropped to my knees, breathing heavily. That same wave of relief came over me as I kneeled for about 5 minutes. I escaped it.


“But the thing wasn’t present, how would you have known that you escaped it?”


It was the feeling. The feeling that there was nothing wrong anymore. I was exhausted, so I went to bed early. I had an off day the next day, it was also going to be the 1st of June.




I suddenly woke up in my bed, no reason at all, I just woke up. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom sink with a glass mug. I filled it up with water and drank. I could taste the almost lethal amount of lead in the liquid, but I kept drinking until there was no more. Then I got a refill, two actually, I don’t know why. I started to hear rustling, not like a little newspaper crumbling, it was vigorous, violent. Without hesitation, I grabbed the closest weapon, a kitchen knife, one for cutting meats and stuff like that. I called out Neo’s name, no response, I don’t know why I expected a response as if he could talk, I didn't know what to think, I was working off of pure instinct. I walked out of the bathroom and saw a figure, a silhouette. It was shaking like Neo when he had the seizure, violent, repetitive, dangerously, but it wasn’t Neo, it was a human figure. I don’t know how a person would’ve gotten in, no one had a key to the house except for me. I called his name again, silence. The figure looked at me. It approached, running at me quickly. I had to act fast so I took a jab with my knife. I heard a slight whimper. It was Neo. I stabbed and killed my dog.


Dr. Howitz starts to write in his notebook with raised eyebrows.


“Don’t judge me, I didn’t know what to do. I was in the heat of the moment and I… I killed my dog, my best friend,” I grab the sleeve of my jacket, gripping the rough cloth as hard as I can, tears start to roll down my face. “I know what I saw, I’m not crazy,” he stops writing and nods.




I looked down in disbelief, seeing my best friend lying there, motionless. I looked at my hands, blood. Thick. Red. Blood. The blood of my companion, I ran out of my apartment building as fast as I can, leaving the stains on my hands and my face. I ran to the closest payphone. I didn’t have a phone of my own, I couldn’t afford a cell phone plan. I picked the phone up from its prongs and started dialing, I stopped at about the third number, future events hectically played through my mind. What if I get arrested for animal cruelty, the police won’t believe me. I can’t hide the body they’ll link it to me. I can’t do anything. I cried, I slammed the phone on its holder and walked back to my room, over the carcass of my pet, and went to bed.


I didn’t go back to work. I used the last of my money to pay for low-quality cameras and a mic. I paid for four. I placed one above the door to the entrance of the building. I placed another between two old, broken down soda machines on the first floor, I then placed the last two on the top corner of the roof next to the doors to the rooms on the second and third floor. A long cord ran from the entrance to my room, connecting them all to my TV so I can see everything. I might have been breaking a few laws doing this, but it was the least I can do to feel safe.




I stayed in my room for days, weeks, maybe even months, I stopped paying attention to the time after one or two days. My room started to smell, the air conditioner finally broke, I didn’t have enough money to fix it. I just sat on my bed, flipping through cameras frequently, no one, nothing, for days, weeks, months. Then my boss came. The first person I saw in such a long time. How did he get my address? Oh yeah, he asked one day if we could have a few drinks together, we never did but, I gave him my address instead of a phone number since I didn’t have a phone. He came to check on me. He knocked on the metal door, calling my name. I jumped out of my bed and ran to my door ready to go down and open it for him. I put my hand on the door and stopped. He never cared about me, he just wants me to work. I stormed back to my bed and screamed like a lunatic. I yelled that I’ll never leave my room, I’ll never let him see what I did. He left without a word. A little more time passed before I started to yell at myself for how I acted.


It was the long-time without people that made me freak out, that’s my excuse. I did work as a cashier, I saw about 10 people daily, talked to about 10 people daily, anybody would lose their mind if they sat for months in a room by themself. I’m not crazy, it’s just loneliness. I told myself to go outside. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror; I was a mess. I couldn’t have been gone as long as I've been saying, there was stubble on my face, looked to be about two weeks' worth. My eyes were bloodshot, it burned to turn the lights on. My hair was unkempt, it looked terrible, but I wasn’t trying to present myself to people, I just wanted to leave my room. I exited the bathroom and headed out before I caught the smell again. I remembered why I sat in this room by myself for so long. I could never leave my room, not after what I did, this was my only safe space.


I sat back on my bed scrolling through camera views again, sitting again for days. I didn’t eat, I ran out of food a couple of days before. The rumbling of my stomach echoed through my ears, but I tried my best to ignore it. I scrolled, flipped, flicked, then I saw it, not the creature, but police, they had a battering ram, ready to break down the doors. The metal door put up no fight, after one hit, it got knocked off of its old hinges. I frightfully scrolled to camera 2 they passed the soda machines, camera 3 they climbed up the stairs, camera 4, they were at my door. How did they figure out, were they listening to me? How How How. My mind raced as the door slammed open to my room. The cops looked in silence as they scanned my messy room, they spotted Neo’s corpse, they spotted me. They grabbed me and took me in.


“I’m not crazy, that’s what happened, there was a creature, loneliness took over my mind, I’m fine, I’m NOT crazy”


“He’s getting worse by the second,” a doctor walks to the observation room. “The subject just keeps repeating nonsense, he truly believes he saw some creature,” 


“They’re giving us one more shot to snap him out of this state,” Dr. Howitz says looking through multiple files, “I got to say, I admire his persistence, but we need to get him to realize the truth,” The doctors leave the observation room and make their way to the Personal safety room, containing the patient who refuses to accept the truth. They hold back their jubilant sense of curiosity, they’re intrigued about the will of a man's mind to change memories to fit an agenda. They yell at him, shouting that what he saw wasn’t real,  everything that happened, didn’t. The death of his dog was on his hands and only his. The man again pushes those words aside, further feeding into the will of the man’s mind.


Submitted: September 04, 2019

© Copyright 2021 [Name Redacted]. All rights reserved.

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An intriguing psychological drama unfolds. A war of wits against man and academics.

very well written with lots of tension.

enjoyed this read immensely.

Wed, September 4th, 2019 7:41am

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