Rae Monches

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this story is from many stories that i have read so much of this is stuff you have already heard.

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Rae Monches was not a weird kid because we all have one special thing about  us that not all kids have. Rae wasn’t social. Neither was he lonely he had unlimited supply of books as he called his friends Rae had no real human friends because he was the new kid. Rae liked paranormal activity he would be in the library searching weird unsolved mysterious things most people had forgotten he was at the library when he dropped a book he went to go get the book but he realized that there was a exact copy of the same book on the floor  this wasn't weird because the library had multiple copies of most books so he went to pick it up but he saw another one each with one page flipped showing a weird photo of a tree this started freaking him out so he hesitated but then went without thinking one more time he followed the trail of books he walked almost all over the library he started realising that there was no one else in the library he checked the clock it had been only one hour since the library had opened and the library was open for 8 hours except on sundays it was opened for only 5 hours he didn't pay any more attention to it he knew the paranormal was happening but this was not that unusual even though the paranormal had never happened to Rae except when Rae was 6. One night he woke up because the house was shaking he went to his parents room and saw that both of them had been floating with their necks cut open with their blood it had wrote “Just wait for your time to fly into the stars and float beyond any other *ps in 6 years years*” this had killed him in the inside he needed counseling for 4 years he was not allowed in two schools he had applied for but he always came back to the 6 years part it had been exactly 6 years since that happened about one week ago. Now he was in the basement of the library he had came here many times it has some things that they don't put in the library and you can only access them if you have a special pass that you have to pay $29.99 dollars a month. Rae did not have this pass though he still went down there he knew it was trespassing but he had to see the extra stuff they were keeping away from him now he was doing it again without even thinking about that he was trespassing the books lead to an allie of bookshelves he had never gone to before it lead to one basket with one notebook then he heard something moving he went to check it it  was a librarian at least Rae had thought so he held onto the notebook with the strongest grip and ran out of the door in the back of the library basement this set off an alarm because Rae did not have the librarians pass the alarm called the police when the police arrived there was no one or at least no sign of anyone not even Rae.On the camera exactly before Rae ran out a strange figure went across the screen then the camera started playing the tape of the day before. This showed a strange figure wearing a black robe walking like it was domesticated people believed that it was just a librarian who had walked in cleaning and filing but this did not work out in the mind of Rae. None of the librarians looked walked or took that long filing something. He knew all of the librarians because he spent most of his day in the library and they were mostly the only people who actually talked to him without trying to leave and stop talking to him probably because they wanted to get away from their jobs.Rae kept thinking about this on the way home he got home as his STEP father was drunk and started yelling at Rae for being out past his bedtime. Rae’s bedtime was at 10 pm and it was 4 pm, Rae tried to explain what time it was but rae’s stepfather kept yelling “You trying to get smart with me boy you think i was born yesterday. You trying to prove me wrong”.But luckily Rae’s stepmother walked in right before his stepfather was about to chuck an empty beer bottle at Rae. It hit his stepmother in the leg and knocked her to the ground as shards of glass kept seeping in to her skin but Rae’s stepfather was too drunk to even get up and help his wife he was too drunk to even know that it hit his wife so he just sat there in confusion about who was crying till he got knocked out not because someone chucked a beer bottle at him but because he went straight to sleep without any effort.Rae got up instantly and went to help his mother he picked his mother up and asked her if he should call an ambulance she agreed and the ambulance showed up 9 minutes later since Raes mom decided to take a nap while she waited they came into the house took Rae’s stepfather and almost took him to the hospital before Rae stopped them and told them it was his stepmother who needed help. They took his mother and Rae went with them shortly after a doctor said that he would have to examine her leg and that if his mom said it would be okay he would call a cab for Rae to get back to his apartment.His mom agreed and said it was fine Rae did not want to go back home after what had happened but his mom said that his step father wouldn’t be awake so that he couldn’t through another battle by the time Rae had considered going it was 10 once he got home he peeked inside because the door was open and his mother was right his dad wasn’t awake because he was hanging on the wall bugs and blood pouring out it wrote “Hello again we meet once more remember Rae I said your time would come and this time you have a choice you can either walk right up to your dad…”By that time the text had stopped and he could now hear a voice it was coming from his dad it said “and pull his head off don't worry i made sure it would be easy for you and let the bugs cover you by the time you notice all the bugs covering you then your soul will be gone.” “But if you are an imbecile like all the other kids you will resist stay on this misele planet and continue to act as you are happy being yourself but you will meet me many more times until finally i don’t give you a choice i won’t let you resist or be reunited you will be tortured until your death comes.”And as that happened smoke started seeping into Rae’s eyes until he screamed the loudest he could and woke up in his bed he heard his step parents arguing in the kitchen and also a good smell of food. While Rae was getting out of bed he realized how could his parents be arguing if he didn’t have parents plural his step dad was dead last night. Or at least that's what Rae saw. As this happened he remembered the notebook. He checked inside it was not all that weird. Will it wouldn't be weird if you were Rae but for the normal human it wasn’t what you would normally find in a notebook. The first few pages talking about how someone can die by giving their name to Crnobog it had a summary of Crnobog “Among all of the Slavic deities, none was more feared than Crnobog.Also known as Cert or Chernobog, this “dark master” was the god of night, chaos, misfortune, and winter, generating all the evils around the world. It was said that his reign of power started with the winter solstice, when night is longest, and lasts until spring when power changed hands in need of Belobog, the god of light, goodness and summer.” It continued  to the next page” But even though Crnobog was a killer and loved to kill he would not just take the name and do it he was more like an assassin or hitman since you had to make an offering. People would most likely give up a body part such as the nose, hand, eyes, feet, leg, arm or, a kidney.” As you may have thought that Rae believed this since he's been through alot of paranormal stuff but, he chuckled a little and got up to go to the kitchen. His parents weren’t there as heard but he still heard the voice once he went into the room.There was a slender man, with very long fingers. Rae’s brain glimmered with knowledge as Rae instantly knew to call this man Mr.Hands. Mr. Hands looked at Rae with a grin “name the rules of my game.” He said poetically. Rae accepted the question with the same grin as Mr.Hands. Rae without hesitation said “Mr. Hands will give you the ball,and you must hold it while you run and crawl, because if the ball drops you will feel great pain, and keepsie will start all over again, you will forget it all when it ends, but never let him get to ten. Oddly enough Rae found himself saying the rules of “keepsie” out loud. As he finished he felt something light in his hands he looked down and it was shiny red ball. He raised his head as to check on mister hands , he saw mister hands starting to walk over to Rae with his blood red suit. Rae with his instincts knew to run . Unfortunately for Rae his newly deceased dog was in the hallway. Rae tripped like any horror movie ever and boom, he woke up in his bed with no memory of what had just happened. Rae woke up in his bed he heard his step parents arguing in the kitchen and also a good smell of food. He went into the kitchen and saw his parents happier than ever.


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