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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

I could see the whole universe in my hand , right in front 
Everything i wanted , everything I had
I couldn't believe that actually you are in my arms right now
And finally we had made it through all
You know, you feel like a warm laundry
Gentle , peaceful and such a sweet smelling
Kissing you, that exactly must be how the stars tastes like
The floating tears pounding so hard, i couldn't resist
That overwhelming love , like it actually hurts? my heart
My ever most right decision, here you are
How could I ever abandon a new life developing inside

What were you thinking??
How could you be so irresponsible??
Do you even know what have you done??
Ahh .. a slut , a whore , such a shameless
She walks around with so many, I wonder whose one it is after all

What more could be the humiliating comebacks 
For expecting a child outside of a lawful wedlock
The Father had deserted the mother
The trusts had been broken for all
And the relationship ,
Totally scattered
Just like the black rock in the mass of white pebbles , easily identified
Spotted with even a blind folded eye
Now she had that "tag" stuck over her forever 
Her illegitimate child
Whom she could never give away through a denial
Passing all the days bright and crying rest of the whole nights
It was like a fish out of water , finding difficulty to survive

Doors locked , curtains down , lights off
The only thing that could be heard was the heartbeat ,
Not just one , but a parallel two
A sudden unexpected reaction, a striking moment
A fetus kicked from within , just the moment she almost killed herself

There was her baby , the most imappecable pleasure
Showing her , he was right there , with her , for her 
Giving the strength to do anything together

The expanding belly iched like a tickle from inside , 
Trying to break out the laughter , saying "comon smile"
The stretch marks in the thighs and breasts , defining the drawing lines
Beautiful trust me , never before found the gesture of being so much alive
The Kicking, squirming and turning side by 
Ohh , there was a perfect universe dancing inside

The universe I could finally see right Infront 
Holding  , touching , making me feel i am always with you in any turn
I must have been dull and fragile
But now all i can see myself in glitters twinkling bright
I know I am a foolish little thing
A mother with a wedding ring 
But my dear ,
You are my hopes above all 
This is a beautiful place i see
A curse can also turn into a blessing if you be..


Submitted: August 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 kirtikayy. All rights reserved.

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