Confessions of a Counterfeiter

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My Experience In Jail with other inmates

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018



A few years ago I was arrested for a DUI. With a lawyers help I was allowed to plea down to reckless driving. a lesser offense. In exchange I had to serve 2 eekends in jail. In on Friday at 6, out Sunday at 6. I was allowed to do this so I could continue to work. I met some interesting characters while in

There was a suprising amount of drugs smuggled in by my fellow weekenders and most were in for multiple traffic offenses, a few on more serious ones. Many just slept the whole time being on the drugs where I was the only one awake most of the time, there were about 20 on the block, 2 man cells.

One particular inmate was in on drug charges and counterfeiting. As we talked he iterated how he did it

He said that he would bleach a one dollar bill white. Let dry, photograph or obtain pictures of larger notes and simply print over the bleached note on a quality printer. The result was a note with the inner line still through it and a bill that would pass the marker test. I thought it was pretty ingenious, of course he did get caught, not sure of the outcome. Yes jail is a sortof crime school.....but dont try this at home......

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