someone else’s daughter

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Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018




Humans by nature are stupid

Half hearted with most things we hand pick our battles based on what’s convenient to us


Out time or none, 

Indulging our minds in something that leaves us mildly satisfied.. 

the majority of people have at least one unhealthy addiction 

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes.. or maybe it’s something a little more gentle than the rest..,

Or so you think 


Imprisoned in your mind and unable to relax, 

You look forward to your addictions 

Cracked out on a fictitious headspace you actually created for yourself. 


Perhaps your pizza pop and porn isn’t as relaxing as you thought. 


Trapped behind a television screen poisoned by naked images of someone else’s daughter. It’s okay. It’s just sex.. and she chose that life. 

Convincing yourself in time, refusing to believe the potential crime..

Because humans by nature are stupid. 


Well, your premature erectile disfunction disagrees with you 

Your libido betrays you during those intimate moments with your wife that actually matter 

A shattered expectation leads you back behind that television screen searching, yearning for something more satisfying than reality.. 


More images of someone else’s daughter because maybe you didn’t get enough pleasure from your own


Home, alone, you search through her garments and go find one. You stole that very piece she bought for just herself. Her own femininity when she tried to build back her confidence after you took it from her the first time. 


And maybe you actually feel guilty, ... or maybe not at all 

This whole inside your heart started out so small.. and now look where you are. 


Sitting behind that television screen soaking in images until there is nothing left. 

Night after night, your life abandoned on the shelf. 


And your little girl.. cooped up in her bedroom comparing her body to someone else’s daughter just trying to find herself.

© Copyright 2018 ashley bergeron. All rights reserved.

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