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This is my selection for the Poet Laureate contest. I would be honored to be considered. Written spontaneously as a submission, there is a hidden image. I'll give you a clue. Think horses.

Enjoy! Celia Markham

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018



Beggars for Helen and Anne
"If wishes were horses, than beggar's would ride" - Scottish Proverb 1628
Beggars get wishes, and horses will ride
beggarless, as they've ridden and rumbled inside
Where only my ears can hear the loud gallop
and outward, the splashing of hooves in the  shallows.

I'm drawn to the beggars, their unwashed feet
won't gallop in hopes of  the horses they'll meet
but still with their beauty of form and intent
I wish for the beggars, no garments to rent

And horses, fast horses to spirit them on
to the land that is Glory and outshines the sun.
To a land in their dreams where they first learned to play.
Where the fortunes were kind, and were glad to obey.

I can barely remember those times anymore
When I asked for cold pennies and was then shown the door.
And I asked for bold truths and regretted the asking
And I crowded my thoughts with each day's multitasking

and I asked for forgiveness for the sins of my youth
and I found that the lie was as harsh as the truth.

I'm no longer a beggar in this old gypsy soul, so I need to find horses,
magnificent horses, centrifugal horses, and courses to ride
generous horses for beggars that hide
Meadows to gallop and meadows to sing
Riding to Glory to catch the gold ring.

Margaret Lenore

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