You Never Know- Rest In Peace

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You Never Know- Rest In peace


You never know when death could be looming around, 

You never know when death may appear 

You never know what someone is feeling inside of them 

You never know their fears, Even when they are your best friend. 

You never Know what's going on in someone life 

You never know what's some one may be feeling 

Is it guilt? Is it sadness? Is it pain? 

You never really know, 

You never really know

You never know when death may appear 

right in front of you. 

You never know what's going on 

You'll miss them and They'll miss you

But some things are just hard to go through 

Two worlds apart, 

No way to talk 

No way to see each other 

No way to be who you once were 

A million miles away and you can't get to  see one another again 

No matter how much you may want to.

No more goodbyes, 

No more hello's. 

No more nothing at all. 

You'll never see each other again,

Not till you part from your life 

A million miles away, 

60 years of pain. 

You never know what is going on

You never know how they may feel. 

You will never know

You will never know


- Rest in Peace Cameron, You were a great, smart ,loving guy. I wish i knew you better than what i did. I wish i spoke to you more or told you i had a crush on you in 3rd year. There is so many things i could wish for but nothing would take you back. The people who were in your life are lucky to have had you, People were lucky to have known you even if it was only a little. I hope you are now at peace and no longer feel the pain or are suffering inside. A lot of people are going to miss you.

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