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Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018





  There was a mirror looking at its reflection in a

mirror. There were reflections everywhere, and 

mirrors within mirrors.

  The reflections were all over the house, reflections

on the walls, on the floors, reflections on the furniture,

so I couldn't sit down, on the windows so I couldn't

look out. The reflections were everywhere, even on

the ceiling looking down at me, they followed every

step I took through the house. I couldn't get rid of them,

I couldn't get way from them...

  I masturbated on the reflections, and watched the ugly

stuff dribble down their smooth icy surface, but no relief 

I found. Reflections folded into more reflections,

more reflections reflected more reflections...

  I screamed and smashed the two mirrors, and heard the

freight trains scream in a railway dream, and watched the 

spider's copulate on the ghost house's roof beams till the

floor was covered with sharp shards of mirrored glass, 

cutting into my naked flesh like some Jezebel's teeth

in a wet dream, slicing to pieces my manhood as we 

performed our roles of marital lust, in ecstasy's obligation,

as she screamed...

- You're insane! You're insane!

  And then the reflections were no more, the mirrors were

no more...

  There was only a howling toothless full moon in the sky,

that gazed at me like a shattered glass eye, as my bloody

body dripped the peaceful notes of Arvo Part's " Spiegal

im Spiegal. "

© Copyright 2018 tom mcmullen. All rights reserved.

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