school of shadow , prequel Demion

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created life by madness , born by madness, and died in madness

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018




Creative Writing : School of Shadows , prequel of Vampire Demion 


there was once the baby boomers age, the industrial age, where a great majority of wealthy middle class rose. Boys like trains, cars, soldiers for toys, they had a technocrat mind while the girls like to play dolls, kitchen, tea set, they had a nursing type of mind set. 


There was one doll, a young girl with great passion loved the most out of her many dolls. It became an imaginary friend with an passionate obsession. Soon she developed mental illness, yet she held her beloved doll greatly till her dying age. The doll obtained a living spirit from her, her love created a little spirit that inhibited the doll. 

In the astral realm, it created a giant eye ball, that was flying around, it cannot talk but can only see. The doll stood there in the old closets with the other dolls, while the Dark Eye looked at its surrounding for a very very very long time, and soon it developed the power of telekinesis. 


Then one day a new child arrived and saw the interesting doll out of the many. This time it was a boy, he took the doll like someone who likes dolls, he too, has a nursing love mind. Soon the Dark Eye observed the boy’s coloring, drawing, and even holidays. The Dark Eye, started to developed emotions, or the so called ‘heart’.  Finally the boy grew up and decided to throw away all of the dolls. The doll eventually reached to the trash furnace and he was free. The Dark Eye, grew into a shadow being, with childish elementary emotions, and with telekinetic abilities but no mouth or speaking abilities. 


The Shadow then wandered at night , and at the day hiding under the shadow. Sometimes when it hides under a human shadow, it took possession and there emotions  goes out of control. The Shadow was learning about himself, and started to developed self awareness. Sometimes he will play pranks on human, which he found this emotion the most interesting, as humor was something strange. 


Then he notice something strange, he meets a shadow that is like him. 

The Shadow bonded one with him, but eventually separated like they greeted each other. 


Finally the Shadow begins to developed a mouth, he notice when children become afraid of something or circumstance, or in danger, he will try to calm them or say this is the right choice. 


The Shadow flew and see places and finally saw the asylum, where kids and adults were different from the rest of the humans. There was one boy who was talking to imaginary friends, nobody, and the shadow observe and listen. 

The Shadow being started to developed a mind. It has reached full maturity and it was time for it to reincarnate into a human. But first he needed to see Death, in the underworld, with all the other shadow beings. 


It has obtained a form, the original doll it was once created. The other shadows also developed a form . The shadows gathered in the dark school in the netherworld, and learned how to be emotionless. They became intuitive, fearless, emotionless, intuitively versatile , and obtained psychic abilities. Finally the teacher called upon our main character - shadow being. 


“Congratulations of completing the school of Death, what would like to do now,” said the Dark Master, with a Dark Hood. It did not talk but it was understood that this is what he meant, when he stood on the stage and other clouds of shadows  follow behind.


“Hm, i don’t know, maybe i will become a detective,” said dark shadow boy, telepathically. 


“Let me give you a name, Demion. You are now ready to become a human. You will find secrets and make hidden knowledge known,” said the dark master.


“How is this evil,” said Demion Child. 


“ You will expose truths, that will set humanity in a panic mode, at the same time, help others to love themselves,” said Dark Master 


“ How wicked, here i come world,” said Demion Child; and he jumped in one of the portals ready to be borned. 



© Copyright 2018 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.

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