"Creature at the window"

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Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018



I woke up early Sunday morning it was around 6 am. I was still in my bed. Both window shades were down, I heard a crashing sound from outside. I looked over to my bedroom door the house was still in complete silence. I rolled out of my bed and walked over to the hallway. 

All the bedroom doors were shut my family were asleep. I heard another sound coming from outside. I slowly walked over to my bedroom window and raises the shades. A man about in his fifties was watching me from the road his hands were folded. 

I got spooked as he started to approach our house. I noticed that it was no ordinary man he had claws and horns. This creature was making its way up to my bedroom window. I screamed. It looked at me and froze and in one second was right by my window. It reached its claw at the window and the window started to crack. 

I screamed more until my parents entered my bedroom. The creature was gone...I shot up from my bed I looked around taking deep breaths. Jut a bad dream I said out loud. I sat back down. 

A few seconds I heard a noise and the creature came out from the closet and screamed at me. I screamed as well. The creature lunged at me I luckily rolled off my bed in time as the creature took off threw my window and disappeared. I never saw it again.

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