The Flood

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Draft for upcoming project

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018



Ever feel underappreciated or undervalued?

Same person you love the most sometimes feels like they dont think about you

To no suprise they tell you lies easily as if the truth was poison to their lips

Make up with meaningless gifts

Fake dates on holidays just to trend

Not acknowledging the unhappiness within

When was the last time you asked me how I was doing

Last time you held me to tell me it's okay

Off that , I did the math saw that this was a series of revolving dents

Not really solving the stench just popping mints

I see past your vices but you can't seem to get what life is 


but you see your own direction sometimes you leave me lifeless 

My guess is you think you have a canvas with a picture already painted as if we aren't the one who is to create it ...

Maybe we will make it from good feelings and sentiments

Acting like I won't walk away again ,

A sign of weakness 

you don't know how to reach your potential and I can see this 

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