Sonnet 8: The Sabotage in Love

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Somehow, we just get it wrong so much...

I wrote this because I needed to bounce back from some depression and self-hatred. This poem doesn't really address what I was going through, but being able to write about something that was on my
mind helped me feel a little better.

Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018



Sonnet 8:  The Sabotage in Love

What is the thing in us that undermines

Our love instinct, that truest longings felt
Are felt for those just out of reach, with lines
Of sensitive conventions firmly dealt?
And let us curse the switch that flips
In others when they see the slightest gleam,
And randomness pours from their jealous lips
To interrupt a hopeful lover's dream.

And why do all things healthy seem a bore
To those who search for someone to fulfill?
The cheap and tasty seems the lesser chore

But somehow complicates and leaves us ill.
It's work enough to manage love's traverse,
Why do we have to make it so much worse?

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