Love at midnight

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The sensational aura of a feminine presence clinging to your skin as you each whisper your thoughts to each other's ears creating an inseparable magnetic field bounded by intimate passion and

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



Midnight falls and the lights are reserved for the lovers of the night .

The cool breeze and the angelic voices of the nightingale and the beautiful moon all produces desired effect that captured the enchantment at each other sight.

Their voices in low pitched tones as they admire and praise each other's glamour and caress palms which leads to interlocking of ???? and the sudden pace of heart ? beats.

Some call it madness, realist say it's pure deceit but only true lovers can give a vivid description; as they say fragrance wander into their nostrils and passion drives them crazy as they crave for each other luring them into the sweet savour of the sheets.

The night is still young and an overwhelming power enables him to carry his beautiful princess so they can eat of the forbidden fruit in the garden of love ???? and purity.

They each wander in the garden as they undress themselves and lay on the smooth silk bed and he drives her mad as he has become the God of seduction overnight and he is irresistible she groans and calls him all manner of sweet names until he passes the bridge and the milk flows the beauty of love reveals herself and congratulates them in a graceful styles and blesses them with a burning passion and craving for one another.

A new day has began and even nature knows as she gives her overflowing blessing from up above and crowns it all with a rainbow signifying the beauty and better days ahead.

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