Sophie’s first day at School

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A short children’s story about Sophie’s first day at school. This will help any child who is starting school to feel excited about it and not scared.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



Today is a really special day for Sophie, today she is starting school. 


Sophie feels very scared about starting school, she feels like she will not make any friends. Sophie’s mummy tells her that she will make lots of new friends and will have a great day. 


At the school gates, Sophie gives her mum a big kiss goodbye. Mrs White, Sophie’s teacher comes out to welcome the children. Sophie thinks she looks very kind and friendly. This makes Sophie feel better about her first day at school.


As the day goes on, Sophie has made a new friend called Lucy who was more scared than her about starting school. Sophie really enjoys playing with Lucy and they even sit next to each other at lunch time.


After lunch, Mrs White ask all the children if they have enjoyed their first day at school, Sophie tells the teacher that she had had a great day because she made a friend called Lucy.


At home time, Sophie’s mummy is waiting in the play ground for her. Sophie runs up to her and tells her that she did some reading, writing, drew a picture of her family and has made a new friend called Lucy. It looks like Sophie had a great first day at school and there was nothing to be scared about.

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