Ayano & Taro Ep.1

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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



Ayano & Taro Ep.1

//The first day of school, at school corridor//


Ayano: Oh my god. I will be late... and where is my classroom?

-Taro bumps into Ayano-

Ayano: Ouch!

Taro: I am sorry! Are you okay? -helps Ayano to stand up-

Ayano: -looks at Taro and blushes- I...I am f...fine….

Taro: Thank god you are okay! Oh...well… where are you going?

Ayano: I am going to my classroom but I can’t find it…

Taro: Oh...you are the new student going to class 2-1 ?

Ayano: Yea! Where is the classroom?

Taro: It’s right...there! -points at the classroom door-

Ayano: Thank you so much! By the way nice to meet you, my name is Ayano AIshi.

Taro: My name is Taro Yamada from class 3-2!

Ayano: Nice name... haha!

Taro: Thanks...And you are late now…

Ayano: Ohh god…. But it’s good to see a nice person at my first day!

Taro: See you!

Ayano: See you!

-When Ayano goes into the classroom, a girl is staring at Ayano, looking angry-

Osana: This girl… she won’t be able to take my senpai away...


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