Twice Blessed

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A gift of request and a gift unasked.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



In the bowels of the church


Lied an altar of stone and birch


Bearing the stench of death


Under the knife for a final breath


To pay for forbidden power


Blood price at the witching hour


Tears of offerings when they wept


Each one jarred and kept


To feed a desire growing swift


For the elder god's tainted gift


So the offering goes


Then the presents begin to show


A gift of speed or special sight


Followed by one filled with blight


Fesh turning putrid and green


Givinfg off the dead's rotten sheen


Yet on the followers walk


Their jaws unmoving yet they talk


Given the blessing of the lich


Price for being a witch


They have their seer's eye


But rotting they can never truly die


So for eternity they must roam


Never settleing in any home


Creatures of living and rotting bone


Cost of gift to plague god on his throne


To be blessed twice


For sight and feeding ground for lice


And other creatures of scorn


A following of undead is born


They seek an end


But they can't pretend


When they reached across the rift


The plague god has his own special gift

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