I Wish I Wasn't So Furious

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I'm ready for this planet to die.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



I wish I wasn't so furious

But that's just who I am

I'm nothing but this big Jupiter sized ball of righteous fury

Revenge is what keeps me going

Other than that, I'm a soulless robot

Can't express it, though

If I do, I'm "butthurt" and "edgy"


I've heard that fiction teaches empathy

That's what I want

I want to be a cartoonist

I want to be silly and energetic

I want to tell stories

Of love triumphing


I don't want this

I don't want all this venom

It tastes bitter and drowning in it

The world won't let me, though

It doesn't want me to be happy

It wants me to hate


I did something really stupid once

I still do stupid things

I tried to tell a joke about a certain person's skin color in high school

It fell flat

And I've been haunted ever since


Where am I going with my pointless life?

To hell?

I guess heaven nor hell really matter in the end

Because there is no dreaming in this life or the next

Crazy thing to say, I know

I wish I didn't think that way

Heck, I wish I didn't think at all

And just acted


But the courage to conform

Is apparently more neccessary than the courage to resist

To them, my rebellion for independence

For autonomy

Is a threat to the system

Their dominance over me

Is worth more sympathy

Than my individuality

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