my deep abiding relationship with the moon

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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



I am in love with the moon.

Not only am I a slave to his cycles, but I have bound myself heart and soul to his nightly glow.

As sunlight fades off to sleep, I am awakened by my beloved and transfigured to howl at his nocturnal dawn.

The moons rise enlivens and nurtures every emotion I’ve left caged within my chest.

I am enveloped and left ravaged by my lunar stirring because every moment I have lived travels straight to my heart.

From every half-hazard glance at the night sky to every kiss of moonlight left dancing on my skin, it gets harbored at my core; fated to experience each one over and over like the lapping waves, entranced by my moon.

But at dusk I begin to break open, the light of the moon seeps out of my pores and splits me open, birthing brilliance into darkness.

In those moments of birth I become what I’ve always been.

I float above the world watching, and absorbing, and loving, and wanting.

Undulating in the buzz of humanity.

I am ablaze and impassioned knowing that I can not possibly house all that I am.

So every night I release the parts I can no longer contain and let those ignited gleaming parts of me drift away to that moon I love so dearly, and because he loves me too, he turns my shining eruptions into stars.

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