Fire Of The First Sin

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The ever burning truth of knowledge.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



I've touched the sacred flame


I know the beings without names


I've taken the fruit from the forbidden trree


With this fire my mind is free


I know my fellows in a carnal sense


I'm no longer so naive and dense


I know now what is lust


I feel my angel wings burnt to dust


I can feel Eden's release


I have a nether burning to please


I've told my Lord a little fib


That I haven't laid witht the one born from my rib


It was all the snake


Who made my senses come awake


I'm no longer under the sway of the deceiver


In this new feeling I'm a believer


There is no measure


To this new feeling beyond Eden's other pleasures


I can mix blood like a battle hungry sword


And shall anyone know including the Lord


Ah the Seraphs seven


Can't feel this carnal pleasure from heaven


Tis only the gift of this fruit


That plays a fife better than any flute


That my partner and I may dance


Around the God given lance


From which I can imaple


And make the receiver quiver and go pale


With this new euphoira's fire


I know the virtuous and the liar


I know what the fruit tried to hide


And as my better half rides


It is all the more sweet 


This forbidden treat


Given knowledge of this sacrilegious scorn


I can feel new thoughts being born

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