Broad Shoulders

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As she was often reminded, she wasn't someone who would merely brush this Earth. Perhaps she could be compared to the comet that wiped our planet of dinosaurs; perhaps she could be compared to the
ice age that colored our planet translucent arrays of blues and grays. However, despite all the angst of everything she could succeed in life, a loose cloth of her heart was caught onto a stray
branch that belonged to a poetic man. And when that man left the Earth that she was meant to save, she strayed from destiny and dived into the dark abyss of death as well.

Yet, what awaited on the other side was two strange men who offered her beloved back. The young girl, who had long befriended those strangers through letters addressed to God and Satan, was cursed
(or blessed) the reversal of time. The man she was idiotically infatuated by would return to life, and she would be one with him as a ghost riding his back. As punishment for straying the revival
of humanity- her purpose in life- she would find out the truth of the man that she's only loved from afar.

Table of Contents

00;00| Prologue

Submitted: August 31, 2018

Her hand was shaking as she pinched the steel tighter between her fingers. Her tears dripped down her cheeks faster than her palms cou... Read Chapter

oo:o1| Chapter One

Submitted: August 31, 2018

I want to know every thought in that pretty, little head of yours, Dear. I assumed that maybe if I squeezed my cheek hard enough again... Read Chapter