You Wouldn’t Know

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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



You might’ve held my hand. Or felt my skin beneath your fingers.


But would you know me if I did not belong to this body? Could you recognize my soul in a lineup?

Would you know my hopes? My Regrets? My fears?


Would you know that my heart drops into my stomach every time I hear dishes bang together?


That the only safe place I’ve ever had was someone else’s arms, but that those arms were not as secure as I thought because where are they now?


Would you know that somebody else’s hand placed on my shoulder makes my skin crawl and my stomach climb up into my throat?


That my heart – while it might still reside in my chest has been ripped out and stomped on more times than I can possibly stand to remember.


That my body has endured war after war and has the battle scars to prove it?


soul I’ve poured out without it ever being enough.


yearn for the love I was never given, for the love I have never found.


You would not know. You would not care. To explore the depths of my soul the way you’d explore the depths of my body.


For to you I am nothing more than a hollow shell in which you deposit your troubles. Never thinking of what I’ll be left with when you’re gone. 




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