Smoke Alarm Encounter

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My most recent encounter with the spirit realm

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



The event occured several years ago in my bedroom one evening after dark as I was preparing for bed. I was doing just that when the smoke alarm there went off, beeping for about five seconds, then it suddenly stopped.

There was no cooking going on, no smell of smoke; the evening was calm so a power surge seemed unlikely. The alarm in the room is battery powered, as are the other four located throughout the house, they are changed at the same time on a regular basis. Only mine went off.

It was days later when I read in a local paper that a woman in my area had died in a house fire, it occuring very close to the day of my alarm incident.

I live in a rural area where acres can seperate homes and hers was miles from mine. She lived alone, and I believe that she wanted to connect with others, to let them know of her presence. There were digital clocks in my room as well, yet she chose the smoke alarm to make contact, so I believe it was her. I also think she may have passed through the houses of others.

Why did she chose me? I believe it's because I keep my mind open to the spirit realm, she sensed it and she found me, and it was here where she made the contact that she wanted.

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