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Other Content by Luna Abbot

Between You and Me

Book / Romance

Two people meet after hitting a new low in their short lives: Risa's athletic scholarship is destroyed by random chance. Clare's father is only just back from prison; his disgrace gets him fired from his bionics company and hangs over her whole family, forcing them to leave town and for her to transfer schools. A slow-starting (and inexplicit) romance with a bit of science fiction and lots of cussing teenagers. And yes: it is between two girls. Your eyes do not deceive you. No one will make you read if that's a problem.

Mad Drabbles

Book / Flash Fiction

I copy-pasted some mad-libbed drabbles and stuck 'em in a book. I didn't change any of them to make sense. You're going to get what you expect if you read.

Random Horror Poetry Anthology

Book / Poetry

It's mostly horror! And almost anything in between, really. I just wanted do whatever, so that's exactly what you'll get!