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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018





Brian reflects on his hope for the future of his legacy through his poetic project “6:55”. By writing a series of letters to his symbolic children, we are introduced to the many characters that Brian hopes to develop in both his future children and in the world. The title “6:55” refers to the time he was born, in order to invite the reader to enter his life and way of thought.




Words written in a godspeed trilogy, not a ballad or a tragedy.

These words may whisper, but will echo through time with the soul from this soul-full rhapsody.


These words will be the lullabies for the sleepy eyes for which I will say.

I share with you the stories and emotions I have come to live with every passing day.


I hope these words will raise you as they have raised me.

I hope these words will wake you and help you so you can see.

So, let these poems fill hearts with the soul needed to be,

the peace in the world,

the light in the dark,

and the stars in the sky.



El Rey


The world holds its breath as they anticipate your arrival.

The story of space and time closes and waits for your revival.

On this day we witness the collision of the moon and the sun.

On this day we meet the most zealous souls rebirthed into one.

Your mother says your were born with soul of Machiavelli’s son.

Though I say you were born with a mind far more fervent.

Now let us witness the crowning of the son of the servant.


Let the world know you were born king of the streets.

The pulse of the streets, stronger than a thousand heartbeats.

You breathe in the inner city angst to fuel your driven flow.

You empathize to humanize our people from Lakewood to Willow.

With your brown eyes always on the green light in the boulevard.

But no matter how great, facing the truth could be real hard.

You were born king of the coasts, humming to the their melodies.

As long as you hold the crown never forget about these memories.


I pray you live life learning from our pride and prejudice.

Because we’ve been led by generations with an all white emphasis.

Never bow your head, you have earned your clout.

Never betray your word, reign as cunning as devout.

We snatch the role of king because we have been handed the role of peasant from the start.

We stand for the slandered and the damned, the ones that live with perseverance closest to their heart.


From the day you will be born to the day you will die, you must be willing to give your heart and soul to all.

Though every day of life is precious, I pray you live without a fear of your eventual downfall.

For your soul never left the sky, so your brown eyes will always reign among the stars and your mortal crown will never fall.



La Esperanza


Esperanza your people need you to stretch your hands.

For I am afraid we have fallen too far from god’s hands.

Before the bridges begin to collapse onto the street,

I beg the heavens for you to sprout from the concrete.


I serenaded the crowded streets of southside with stories of you.

You bring hope to more than Mango Street and Downey Avenue.

The women watching from their windows pray to one day be you.

Your soft spoken words will make all the streets and people new.


The horizon does not bring the same joy if not in your presence.

You are the definition of humanity and embody its essence.

Your fascination with the constellations brings beauty to space.

Your eyes glimmer under the night sky with celestial grace.


You are the sprinkle of hope in this living hell.

You will fill our hearts, your story we will tell.

The story of the soul that came to save us from us.

You keep me living and one day you’ll walk among us.


With you, there will be a brighter day.

All because you see the world in a different way.

You hear a melody in every situation,

No matter the negativity or the frustration.

Let us one day see through your brown eyes,

So we can see the sunrise in the cloudy skies.


Bless us Esperanza, the world needs a sign.

Must we wait till all the stars in the sky align?

We are ready for you when it is your time.

I only pray that I meet you before it's time for mine.


Brian Jr,

El Corazón


You find yourself watching the sunset every night for seven days.

Every passing day reveals a new shade in the golden orange daze.

Your fingertips rewriting reality as they reanimate the sky.

You do not fear the rooftop edge because you know you will never die.


But, you were not always this way.

You feared the night,

you feared the light,

your heart full of spite.


Tragedy and its consequence tore your faith.

You walked the corridors beside your wraith.

You were in your right to leave and run cause,

You knew you were someone, but with no idea who that someone was.


Then the shimmer of summer shined through your thoughts.

You claimed the stars more gracefully than the astronauts.

Your brown eyes found joy in painting life through rhyming words.

You began to write ballads, the first, the second, and the thirds.


You began to stargaze at midnight and found the inspiration to create.

You began to spend hours in your room and to stay up real late.

Every night you would look back at your life and carefully reverse.

So you can bring out the beauty and the pain in every single verse.


I am proud of you for becoming you,

from the person that I once knew.

You bring out the soul in others through you and your rhymes.

With tears in my eyes, I can proudly say we are living in better times.


You gave me the heart to continue on the nights my tears wouldn’t dry.

That gift of life is why I’m convinced that you and I will never die.




If I must die before your births, know your lives will live on through these words.


For I have lived with a glimpse of you.

So I die in peace, and pray for peace for you.


We were sent with the purpose to shake the sky back in ninety-eight.

Now let us rest our eyes and let the rest follow its fate.




“Brian Ramirez was born at 6:55pm on Tuesday, June 2nd 1998 to Maria Cristina Ramirez and Lazaro Sr. Ramirez.”



A trilogy written by

king of sela


© Copyright 2019 king of sela. All rights reserved.

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