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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018





  Some people have passionate sex with people they

hate, such is the case with Birdbrain and his wife Ann

next door. They hate eachother's guts, they're always

fighting and screaming, but they both go off like dunny

doors when they have sex. They make sure the 

bedroom window's open too, so I can hear them!

  Birdbrain wakes me up early each morning at sunrise,

making a screeching noise like a cuckatoo, and Ann 

screams out...

- Shut-up Birdbrain! Shut-up!

  But Birdbrain screeches all day. Ann keeps him caged

naked in an aviary in their backyard, where he smokes

all day in the nude inbetween screeches, and listens

to the freight trains crash by.

  Ann feeds him the rats that he likes to watch running

about their filthy weed and shit infested backyard, and

along their fence.

  When Ann feels like it she lets Birdbrain out of 

his cage and into their bedroom, where his frustrated 

libido obliges her. He doesn't try to escape, he knows

he's an ugly obnoxious creep and that Ann's the only

one that will have him, he's got to get some satisfaction

somehow, and besides Ann after all is not bad looking.

  So Birdbrain and Ann keep yelling and screaming,

and having joyful sex in their version of domestic bliss

till one day Ann on the threshold of esctasy

doesn't yell out, " Birdbrain! " No she yells the name

of someone else, and in that moment Birdbrain has a

rare lucid moment of incite. He knows she's been 

cheating, so he breaks his chains, he is a prisoner

no more. He bashes her over the head with her iron,

and drags he down to the railway tracks, and

watches a freight train shunt over her.

  He scraps her remains into a wheelbarrow and

feeds them to his beloved rats, running amok in

their backyard.

  It's a bit of a shame really, we were going to put

him out off his misery tomorrow, and feed him to

the rats...C'est la vie!

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