Love All The Hurt Away

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Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.

Bruce Lee

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018






A word which defines a woman’s creed at best

Separating our femininity from the rest

The bearer, the fruit carrier

The forgiver, the nine months deliverer

The stress reliever 

The spiritual trinity believer

No matter if our skirts are too short too high

A wounded Dove still flies when her heart cries

Strong minded

For the women who have lost their way, the tides will ultimately bind

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman with whip cream on top

Hearts soaring, weakening rapture refuses to stop

If I close my eyes and reach out my hand

Will you close yours and take my body to a faraway land

Could you, would you, whisper sweet sentiments in my ear

Only my blind heart, my open mind can hear

Love All The Hurt Away

Blending our bodies, loving me so gently from head to toe

God, it feels so good as we’re mending our beautiful souls

Passion ascending higher and higher the desires of Heaven our climatic goal

I Knew You Were Waiting For Me

Soft words bringing me to my knees

Your precocious heart, you gave me to please 

I love it when our captive emotions naturally flees

You always allow my inner Chi to be

Mental energy in me you gloriously set free


Queen of Soul rest in eternal peace

Your love notes of infinity will continue on as you can see

You have left a void no other can ever fill

No one will ever fit the bill

May you pass on your sultry gift of your truncheon poetic lyrics as I continue to let love instill

Undulated as the flow of my bearer, universal love always distilled


Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul


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