Heart of Golden Glass

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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018







When the glass is clear


You can see the light on the other side

The rainbows reflect off the harsh edges

The break is not as deep


The pain is still perceptible

The shattering is still devastating


But you can see how the pieces fit back together


When the glass is made of gold

The sparkle fades

The luminosity dissipates

There is no light, no rainbows

The fragments too heavy, too wrecked


The pain is more palpable

The shattering more jarring


The pieces won’t fit back together how they used to


A heart of golden glass

Is it worth it?

When it shatters, its pieces are left with others

Not stolen

But gifted without ever expecting anything in return


Selfless love will take its toll

The shattered golden glass will pierce and tear


And finally you let go


You let the glittering gold shards leave

Knowing that they are polished and bright with someone else

Take pride in the love and care you are capable of giving

Because as effortless as it is for you

It can be the world’s greatest burden on others


A heart of golden glass never weakens

Its love never fails


In all its shattered pieces, it is whole.

© Copyright 2018 Elizabeth Varghese. All rights reserved.

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